Когда долго всматриваешься в кошку, кошка начинает всматриваться в тебя. (с)
Сделал рагу из кролика (Селфриджес великая сила) на вид пока все это выглядит ужасно, в остальном оказалось вполне съедобным.

He said that was the advantage of Irish stew: you got rid of such a lot of things. I fished out a couple of eggs that had got cracked, and put those in. George said they would thicken the gravy. I forget the other ingredients, but I know nothing was wasted; and I remember that, towards the end, Montmorency, who had evinced great interest in the proceedings throughout, strolled away with an earnest and thoughtful air, reappearing, a few minutes afterwards, with a dead water-rat in his mouth, which he evidently wished to present as his contribution to the dinner.